Memberships run from September 1st to August 31st. Current price is $75 ($70 dues plus $5 key fee) and you can get signed up at any of the fine local businesses listed at the bottom of each page on this site.

Special memberships such as Life, Junior, and LEO also available upon inquiry.

This is not a public range… proof of membership is required.

We do not have any kind of day-use rates. Membership rates are not pro-rated based on the amount of time remaining in the membership year, and they are not ‘rolling’ (auto-renew).

Members may bring immediate family (spouse and/or children under 18), and up to two guests.

On a side note… this has been coming up somewhat regularly, so perhaps it needs some clarification: the person who signs the liability waiver/ disclaimer on the back of the membership card is the *member*. Not your spouse, not your children, not your uncle, not your father-in-law, not your next-door neighbor. We certainly encourage you to bring your family or guests to the range, and introduce them to the shooting sports! But ultimately *you* are the person who is covered under the club’s insurance policy, and you are responsible for your guests behavior. Giving your card/key to someone else who comes to the range and gets into any kind of trouble – whether it is inappropriate conduct, property damage, or something worse… reflects on *you*. A non-member who is not accompanied by a current member will be asked to leave the premises. The only exception is for sanctioned events such as a match, where they would be covered by either the club’s insurance (if we are the ones putting it on) or the insurance of the event sponsor.