For more information on a specific event on a particular day, click on the even inside the calendar.  Each event should have information on which range(s) is being used, which range(s) may shut-down for safety as a result, etc.  Very few activities shut down the *entire* range, but if you don’t want to waste a trip up to the club only to find that the particular portion of the range you planned on using is already scheduled for something else… be sure to check here first, and when in doubt, get ahold of one of the club officers or board members and find out for sure.


Some of the abbreviations/acronyms used can be a little confusing. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space to squeeze everything into on any given day, and some days can be very busy indeed. One suggestion would be to select the ‘Agenda’ view at the top right corner of the calendar – it switches over to a list-style view, which can be easier to read for many people. Also, you can print out your own copy, in any of the available views (week, month, agenda).

A short list of some of the abbreviations on the calendar:


Abbrev. Full Name Range typically used
WVSO Prep Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Track Preparation Track area from 0800-1600 on Mondays & Fridays during race season (approx. mid April to the first part of October).
300yd Rifle range, Shotgun range, and 500/600yd Rifle range closed for safety.
WVSO Race Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Race Night All ranges closed from 1200 Saturday to close of business Saturday evening.
Board Meeting NCWGC Board of Trustees regular monthly meeting Monthly meeting for Board of Trustees to conduct routine business. General membership welcome to attend.
Smallbore Junior Smallbore/Air Rifle Training Basement of Pioneer Bldg in cooler weather, outdoors @ 300yd firing line in warmer months (shooting 50/100yds)
Shotgun Formal Trap shooting Trap field between Shotgun Bldg & WVSO. Use of lower ranges such as Cowboy Town & 200yd range not recommended.
LE/DOC/CCRJC/ICE, etc. Law Enforcement training for Dept. of Corrections, Chelan County Regional Justice Center, Immeigration Control & Enforcment, Homeland Security, East Wenatchee PD, Forest Service, etc. Usually uses LEO range down between new Rifle range and the 600yd target pits. May use outdoor pistol bays depending on weather. 500/600yd and 200yd rifle ranges closed when LE Training is using the lower range.
HP Rifle NRA High Power Rifle Competition Normally uses 500/600yd Rifle range, which necessitates closing off the new Rifle range down below, Cowboy Town, the LEO range, and possibly the trap field. Certain events may use the 300yd rifle range for the first part of the day, switching over to the 500/600yd firing line for later stages.